Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Barry M Lychee

I was all set to do some more water marbling tonight, and wanted to start with a base of Barry M Lychee. But then somewhere along the line I realised how lovely Lychee is on its own, and that I'd never worn it alone, or posted it here without it being a base for nail art.  So I decided to water marble tomorrow, and just wear Lychee for now. 

I was surprised when I checked and found that Lychee was released in 2013! I had no idea I'd had it for that long. This is two coats, without topcoat. 

Lychee is lovely - it's a fantastic formula, and the colour is so nice. It's subtle and work-appropriate, and very flattering, I think. 

It's a great base for nail art - it has featured on this blog in several posts, but never on its own.



  1. It looks like caramel, I think I want to lick it :-| lol :-)

    1. Haha! I have licked it on your behalf, and can tell you it does not taste like caramel, sadly.


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