Friday, 27 November 2015

Simple Tape Mani with Barry M Gelly

Sorry I've been missing for the last week! I've been properly poorly - had a very nasty bug which has wiped me out completely. I've done nothing but sleep, make hot water bottles and watch Say Yes to the Dress. But today I started feeling a bit better!  I could tell, because the first sign was wanting to paint my nails!

I did a very simple look using two of the Barry M Gellys which I posted about a month ago.  I wasn't a huge fan of the brushes or the staining last time, but these were a lot easier to use second time round.

I started with two coats of Black Cherry, the very dark red one. I then used tape to mark off long triangles, and painted a coat of the red glittery one, Sparkling Ruby over the top. Just for good measure, and because I have a glamorous evening ahead in my pyjamas, I added a sparkly red rhinestone. 

I love how these look! 

I think Sparkling Ruby looks so much better over the dark base - it's somehow a lot more sophisticated than in its pure bright red form. 

I'm a bit shocked at how much my nails have grown recently too! They're looking really long! That makes me think they'll probably break very soon...

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  1. This is definetely a winning combination! The colours go really well together and the (almost) black isn't too stark. Glad you are feeling better. I also caught some bug that floored me for a week - awful!


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