Sunday, 6 December 2015

Born Pretty Store - Tartan Water Decals

Today I'm trying out some more full-nail water decals from Born Pretty Store. These are a tartan design (which BPS call "colourful grid pattern", lol!) in a red and black colour. 

As you can see, you get one large sheet of water decal, which you can cut into any size or shape you want. The decals are available here for $2.18. My pattern is #14, which on the website looks pink and brown, but which is actually a much nicer red and black design. 

I didn't think there would be enough decal to cover all ten nails, so I decided to do three nails on each hand and do something else on the other nails. 

I started with a base of plain red on three nails, and painted the other two with Zoya Storm, a pretty sparkly black. I then put the decals over the red nails.  This meant that the yellow/orange part of the design wasn't actually visible over the red, but I think I prefer the plain red and black that I ended up with. 

Application is really easy - just cut to an approximate size, drop into a bowl of water, slide off the card and apply to the nail. Then dab dry with some paper towel, and add topcoat. The topcoat melts off any of the decal overhanging the nail, and adds a super shiny finish to the nail. 

I do wish the sheet had been a bit bigger, as I would have liked to have done all ten nails. As it was, I did six easily, and possibly have enough for two small nails to use later. It would not have been possible to do all ten of my nails though. But at that price, it's no hardship to buy two packs!

If you want to try these decals, or similar ones from Born Pretty Store, you can get 10% off using my discount code. 

These decals were provided for my honest review. See my Disclaimer section for more information.

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