Saturday, 23 April 2016

Recent Nails

I've been feeling pretty disillusioned with blogging recently, but I have still been doing my nails (and apparently buying FAR too many Mo You London stamping plates!)  So today, just a quick look at a couple of the designs I've been wearing.

These nails were more reverse stamping decals.  I started with a base of Barry M Pearl, and used MoYou London Flower Power 04 to stamp using Konad Black, Barry M Dragon and Colors by Llarowe This Heart Bleeds. 

I really like how these came out! There are a couple of smudgy bits in places, but I'm choosing to ignore them.

These blue nails are the ones I am wearing now - I've had these on for three days now. 

I started by sponging on a splodgy, random base using lots of Barry M Gelly blues. 

I then stamped using MoYou London Flower Power 08 and Konad White. I managed to get the design pointing in different directions on each nail, but oh well. 

The MoYou London Flower Power plates are gorgeous! I had to buy six. 



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