Sunday, 24 April 2016

Shakespeare Nails

Yesterday was Shakespeare's birthday, and the 400th anniversary of his death. I go to the theatre a lot, and love a bit of Shakespeare, so I did nails. 

I started these with a base of a splodged on mix of three beigey-nude colours. I needn't have bothered, as they were so similar I should just have painted them one of the colours. I had been aiming for a sort of parchmenty unevenness to the colour. Oh well. 

I then stamped using three different MoYou London plates. The skull was Rockstar 01 and Konad Black, the script was Scholar 02 and Barry M Cocoa, the quill was also Scholar 02, with Konad Black, and the roses were from Pro XL 26 and Colors by Llarowe The Heart Bleeds. I added matte topcoat to all the nails except the one with the roses, because I wanted them to look sparkly. It isn't hugely obvious, but the text is the opening of Romeo and Juliet.


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