Sunday, 23 October 2011

Barry M Instant Nail Effects - Gold Foil

So, my plan to do fabulous lightening bolt nails with sellotape today was a big fat FAIL. I made a total pig's ear of it, and wasted a couple of hours and a lot of sellotape into the bargain.

I can't go to work tomorrow with bare nails, but I was in no mood to do anything complicated again after all that faffing about, so I decided to try out the Barry M varnish I bought a couple of weeks ago and hadn't got round to wearing yet.

This is the Instant Nail Effects in Gold Foil. The Barry M website claims that "Instant Nail Effects foil is an amazing addition to our Nail Paints. It is applied like any other Nail Paint but with a luxurious foil finish previously only acheived from a salon manicure. It only requires one coat and is very quick drying."   

barry m gold foil 2  

First off, I do not think that one coat is enough. Maybe my first coat was too thin, but it was streaky and there was a very visible nail line at the tips.  Also, it bubbled quite easily, and I had to redo a couple of nails. 

Secondly, while I think it's very nice, I do not think it's so unique that this look could only previously be achieved from a salon manicure. For starters it's pretty similar to China Glaze 2030, and not unlike several others I've seen around.
These moans are only trivial really, because with two coats and some topcoat, it does look really nice. Like other chrome type finishes, it streaks and bubbles quite easily, and shows up the brush strokes. It's nice and shiny though, and catches the light really well, and does look very pretty.

barry m gold foil 1

It's a bit of a pale gold for my taste really. What I am really really looking for is a gold that looks like molten gold - not bronzey, not silvery, not textured, not glittery, just plain liquid gold. I will find it one day!  In the meantime, I have twelve gold nail varnishes that are all very nice, which isn't at all bad!

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