Monday, 5 December 2011

Models Own Gold Rush

My absolute favourite nail varnish colour is gold. I love gold. The very start of my nail varnish obsession came after going to a Springsteen concert and utterly LUSTING after Clarence Clemons' wonderful gold nails. I came home and began to search the internet for whatever wonder it was he had on his nails, discovered nail blogs, and an obsession was born.  

I still haven't found the PERFECT gold, but this is my favourite so far. I have lots and lots of gold nail varnishes, including three by Models Own. This is Gold Rush, three coats with topcoat.

Outdoors, with depressingly dim morning light:
models own gold rush 2

Indoors, direct light but no flash:
models own gold rush 3

Gold Rush is a lovely rich yellowy gold, with a very sparkly tone to it, but no glitter. It gleams rather than sparkles, and is very eyecatching. It has a nice even application, quite a thin formula that needs mulptiple layers, but comes out very smooth and even. One coat is subtle, and I think would look good layered over a darker colour. 
models own gold rush


  1. And it's on offer in Boots! Spend £10 on Models Own & get Gold Rush for free. I'm loving it, and it'll be back later in the week, but I've got Nails Inc Paris topped with MO Juicy Jools & Magenta Divine on alternating fingers today.

  2. Yes, I noticed it was on offer! My Boots has a rubbish selection of Models Own though, so there's nothing else I want. Juicy Jules is nice.


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