Thursday, 1 December 2011

Orly Goth

I bought this nail varnish ages ago, but have only just got round to trying it.
This is Orly Goth. Larger Boots shops sell quite a big range of these tiny Orly bottles for £5 each. Some of the colours look really gorgeous, but this is the only one I've bought so far.
orly goth 3
This is a rich black creme, with tiny silver glitter scattered through it. It reminds me of a night sky. The tiny bottle is really cute, and I am a big fan of small bottles (I never ever manage to finish a whole big bottle of nail varnish, so I would definitely prefer smaller bottles a lot of the time). However, the brush is very tiny, so application was a bit tricky. This is two thin coats, with topcoat. 
orly goth 2
It's nice, and I really like how glossy and shiny it is. However I do wish the glitter was more obvious and sparkly - this is a bit too subtle for me. I think I will be adding a layer of glitter tomorrow night!
orly goth 1

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