Saturday, 28 January 2012

Barry M Croc Effects - Skittles

I liked the croc topcoat so much yesterday that I wanted to use it again. I wasn't sure what colour to use under it, so I played around with a few, and ended up with croc skittles!

croc skittles 1

Thumb: Barry M Spring Green. Index: Barry M Bright Pink. Middle: Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream. Ring: Rimmel Pro Heart on Fire. Little finger: Barry M Yellow.  
croc skittles 2
I liked this much more yesterday with just the one colour. I tried to pick all bright colours for these nails, but I was surprised at how badly the red showed up under the croc topcoat. It's a lovely bright red, but you can hardly see it! I thought the green would look better too. I really like how the blue looks, and I would wear that combination again. The pink and the yellow don't look particularly special to me, although I don't hate them. 


  1. The blue and pink are my fave, they are gorgeous!! Shame about the other colours really. definitely need 2 buy some of this! Is it in superdrug or boots?

  2. Yes, I got mine in Superdrug, but I've seen it in Boots too. Or you could try the Barry M website?

  3. I like the Skittles idea, might try that. I've been wondering about getting the Barry M green just to wear with the Croc but you're right - it's nothing special. I think blue is definitely my favourite :-)

  4. On the other hand Flosspots - the Barry M Spring Green is stunning on its own! I absolutely love it for sunny days.

  5. Oh,I see what you mean. Your "crackling" actually came out very good! Is it hard to make it crack so evenly and small?

  6. Thank you! No, it wasn't particularly hard. It took me a few trials on a few nails first, but after that it was fine. I found that thinner coats are better, and warm hands help, and that you need the colour underneath to be only just touch dry.


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