Monday, 19 March 2012

Butter London - Knackered

This was a present from a lovely friend of mine. It's my first Butter London, and the bottle looks AMAZING! Not just a duochrome, but a duochrome with holo glitter in it! 
knackered 2
This is very very sheer, so I layered it over China Glaze Awaken, which is a nice dark silvery grey.   This is one coat of Awaken, and 3 coats of Butter London's Knackered. 
knackered 3
The duochrome is really visible in the bottle, and moves from green to silver to purple.  On the nails though, it wasn't as visible. However, it was FAR more visible than it is in these photos. I found it almost impossible to photograph this without sunshine - which there was none of at a time when I also had a camera today!
knackered 5
This looks so pretty in bright light. Trust me - the photos do NOT do it anywhere near justice. 
knackered 1


  1. All of the blogs I've seen (I'm saying all, I think I've seen two!) that have reviewed Knackered say how difficult it is to photograph! It is transformed in strong sunlight.

    It looks good over that dark silvery grey. I tried it over purple OPI Planks a Lot, but I think I prefer your version so I may try that. (Also Planks a Lot takes a few coats itself)

    1. I'm going to try it over a lilac colour next.

  2. Lovely colour. I love the sparkles.


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