Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Golden Cinnabar FAIL!

This is the third of the treasure trove of discontinued Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Golden Cinnabar.  This one, more than any of the others, seems to have been through the wars! The cap was very clogged with crusty old bits of dried polish, and took quite a lot of clean-up. I think there must have been a leak over the years that this sat somewhere in a bargain bin!  There's quite a large amount missing from the bottle, either through leaks or evaporation.
golden cinnabar 6
The consistency was quite a lot thicker than Garnet Lapis or Blush Diamond - again, I'm not sure whether that's age, or just how the formula was anyway.  It wasn't gloopy or impossibly thick, just noticeably thicker.   Two coats was looking good, and I applied my Seche Vite in the usual way. And then I waited for it to harden. And I waited. And about an hour later, I wasn't thinking, and scratched my foot, and this happened:
golden cinnabar 3
I decided to take photos anyway, because I did want to show you the colour!
golden cinnabar 2
While the nails felt dry on the surface, when I checked, they were still really soft and mushy, and all the polish just wiped off with a tissue! And this was at least an hour after I'd finished painting them, perhaps more!
golden cinnabar 7
golden cinnabar 5
The colour is a gorgeous pinky-gold duochrome. It moves between a really bronzey-gold to a deep pink colour. I think it's really pretty - it's just the kind of colours that I like most. I will need to do some work though to make it dry next time! I'm wondering whether I can use something like Seche Restore to make it work a bit better... If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!  It's not so much that it needs a thinner, as it's not particularly gloopy, but obviously something has evaporated over the years.


  1. I'd try seche restore-- a lot of it.
    I think that will add back the solvents that have evaporated from the varnish with time. As I understand it, that's the way varnish 'dries', when those solvents that keep it liquid in the bottle evaporate on the nail, from contact with air. So what you've got there is too much pigment and not enough solvent, hence the mushies after an hour of dry-time. Hope this helps. =)

    1. Thanks, I think it's definitely worth a try! It's so pretty, it would be a shame if it can't be used.

  2. Oo that's what used to happen when I used Seche Vite even with new nail varnish. *weird drying capabilities of my nails*

    Hope your restore works, it's pretty.

  3. Bugger. It's a fab colour, though. I had to ditch my Agnes B duochrome for still not drying after 8 hours (srsly, I painted them in the morning & still got bedsheet prints!), but that was bad when it was new, never mind when I rediscovered it 12 years on.

    1. I'm going to try it again once the Seche Restore has had time to work.


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