Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Blush Diamond

So, my awesome friend who sent me Garnet Lapis then found a load MORE Sally Hansen Nail Prisms! She is clearly a nail varnish ninja who can smell a bargain!

She sent me Blush Diamond, Golden Cinnabar, and Ruby Sapphire. Here they are with my Garnet Lapis, with and without flash: (click to enlarge)
prisms 2 prisms 1

Golden Cinnabar is one that I'd noticed online when I first looked up the Nail Prisms range, and thought looked amazing, so that was the one I was initially most excited about. The cap was very clogged with polish, and once I'd done a clean-up, there is a big dent in the amount in the bottle! I think it's leaked a bit over the years, or evaporated or something. Ruby Sapphire looks the least duochromey, but I'll probably be wrong once it's on the nails. Blush Diamond was the one I decided to try first.

The bottle really reminds me of pointe shoes!  I did ballet all through my teens, and I always loved my pointe shoes. The colour of this in the bottle seems to almost exactly match the nice pinky peach colour of Freed pointe shoes, and the way the shimmer moves in lines looks so like the satin sheen of pointe shoes to me!  Do you know what I mean?
blush diamond 2
Anyway, here is three coats:
blush diamond 4
The formula was a little runny, no doubt because of the age. I did think of layering this over something darker (I'll definitely try that soon!) but I wanted to see it on its own first. 
blush diamond 5
In indoor and lower light, it just looks like a pretty pinky peach colour. But get it in the sunshine (we haven't had much of that lately!) or bright light, and wow! The holo goes bananas and makes the nails look super shiny and reflective and sparkly. I love this!
blush diamond 6


  1. I can imagine the holo bits sparkle like bonkers in the sunshine, they're quite sparkly on the second one up from the bottom!

    Even the labels on those bottles are pretty.

    1. The sun's just come out - I'm tempted to paint it on again! I'm currently sporting NAKED NAILS!

  2. Wow! That's like unearthing King Tut's nail varnish treasure. LOL! =)

  3. Ruby Sapphire will probably look quite different out of the bottle. For some reason some of them are coloured bottles. That was the only one that they had multiple bottles of, I grabbed the two that looked in best condition.

    (I've christened the entire hoard "Unicorn poo in a bottle", because it's about that rare!)

    If I unearth any more, or you spot any anywhere, the one just named Diamond is a close as I think I'll ever get to my Ultimate Silver Quest, the holo makes it so close to a true metallic silver (rather than foil) that it's met my impossible mission, and I can move on to desperately needing something else. I haven't decided what yet!


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