Sunday, 3 June 2012

Essie Mademoiselle

Last week I tried my first French manicure, using OPI's Heart Throb as the base colour. I liked it, but I found Heart Throb a bit streaky, and that it took quite a long time to dry.  I very very rarely wear things like sheer pinks, but I decided that I wanted a better one, so yesterday I bought Essie Mademoiselle.
essie mademoiselle
This is three coats. Mademoiselle is a very sheer pale pink, which applies beautifully without any streaks at all. I think it's really lovely! It's subtle and grown up, which is not me at all! I still love it though.
essie mademoiselle 2
Instead of adding white tips this time, I didn't bother and left it at just the Essie. However, I then couldn't resist adding a coat of glitter to my ring finger. This is one coat of OPI's Crown Me Already. It's a very sparkly silver glitter with large and small pieces in a clear base. It was a bit at odds with Mademoiselle, so I added another coat of the Essie over the top of the glitter, just to tone it down slightly. I really like how this looks!
essie mademoiselle 3


  1. I love, love, love "Mademoiselle"! It's my go-to sheer pink for a french mani. I also like to tonedown the white tips with a coat of "Mademoiselle". Be advised that I am SO copying this mani combo of yours very, very soon. =)

    1. I'm really pleased with Mademoiselle, it's so pretty and clean.

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  3. Funny. I bought this and I DO find it very streaky.

    1. Hm... how odd. Maybe I was just lucky?


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