Saturday, 30 June 2012

Nails Inc - Devonshire Row, and a 50/50 Tape Mani

Being a bit deliberately contrary as I am, I decided that the first polish from my exciting Nails Inc parcel that I would try on would be the one I was least excited by. 
devonshire row 2
This is one of the free mini polishes that came in the gift set (free because I spent over £35), Devonshire Row. For those that don't know, Nails Inc polishes are all named after London streets and landmarks. 
devonshire row 1
This is ONE coat of Devonshire Row, with NO topcoat. Yes really!
devonshire row 5
Coverage is excellent - lovely rich colour, fully opaque in one coat, nice little brush. Took a while to dry, but it's lovely and shiny and glossy, no need for topcoat. It's a very pretty purple, with a sort of dusty quality to it I think.
devonshire row 3
After wearing this for 24 hours, I thought I'd jazz it up a bit, but couldn't make up my mind how. Then I saw this gorgeous post from the lovely Jane at Nailside, and decided to do a 50/50 tape mani.
I thought I'd use Chelsea Manor Street, another of my free minis. This one is a shiny blackish silver, a bit like molten metal. 
chelsea manor street
However, when I opened it - a squiffy brush! I have never seen this before, so I'm assuming it's a rare occurrence. I'd be annoyed if I'd bought that, but it's a freebie, so I'm not too concerned. I'll wait til one of the other minis (probably the basecoat) is empty, and swap the caps over.
dud brush 2 dud brush 1
The brush is sort of twisted around itself (not easy to see here) and also bent right over, and has random very stiff hairs sticking out in all directions at the tips. It was almost impossible to use without making a mess everywhere.

So instead I picked up my China Glaze 2030, taped off half my nails, and did this:
purple gold 3

purple gold 1
I really like this! It was so ridiculously easy to do, and looks good! Plus if I wave my fingers round in the right way, then one second they're all purple, then all gold. Hours of fun for the simple-minded like me!
purple gold 5
(I love these flowers - they're meadow cranesbill, transplanted from the garden of my parents' house where I grew up, flowers I have seen every summer of my life, I think.)



  1. The gold looks so lovely maybe Fate was trying to tell you something by making your other one squiffy.

    Although it'll still be squiffy next time you want to use it too so maybe not.

    1. I do think the gold is a good pair for the purple, probably far better than the silver would have been.

      Do, do you want this purple then?


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