Sunday, 11 November 2012

GOSH Holo and GOSH Holographic Hero - Old vs New Comparison

I posted about Gosh Holographic Hero previously in this post. That was my first time with the famous GOSH Holo, as the 'old' version was around before my nail varnish obsession took hold. Thanks to the lovely Squeakymom, I now also have the original GOSH Holo to compare. 
gosh holo comparison
Side by side, I have original Holo on my thumb, middle and little fingers, and new Holographic Hero on my ring and index fingers.
gosh holo comparison 1
While both holos have the classic linear holo and high shine in bright light, it was fairly obvious in all lights that the older Holo has more of the multi-coloured shine. Holographic Hero does still have it, just not as obviously.
gosh holo comparison 4
The application was typical holo, in that it's a little awkward. You need a lot of polish on the brush, and the first coat needs to be completely dry, or it drags and you end up with bare patches. Application was definitely better on the newer Holographic Hero, but both were a touch fiddly.
gosh holo comparison 3
The original Holo was withdrawn, partly due to complaints that it chipped a lot and didn't last. The newer version has great bit ONE NIGHT ONLY warnings on the cap now. When I last wore Holographic Hero, it lasted fine for a day at work and an evening. Overnight, the difference in lasting power was obvious to me - this morning the original Holo has chipped quite badly on my thumb, and making breakfast has now chipped the other two fingers that are wearing Holo. Holographic Hero is still fine.
gosh holo comparison 2
So overall, original Holo looks better, new Holographic Hero applies and wears better, and still looks almost as good. Maybe I can wear a couple of coats of the new one, with a coat of the old one on top for extra colour! I'll let you know how that goes. 


  1. This is such an interesting comparison! The original GOSH Holo does look so much more shiny, especially in your first photo. But they both look great.

    I just finished painting my nails but after seeing this I want to take it all off and put One Night Only on!

    1. Haha, yes, nail blogs do that to me too! Funnily enough, after reading about your pumpkin latte, I now need coffee...

    2. By the way - I nominated you for an award in yesterday's post...

  2. Great post, can't wait to get some to try! :-)

    1. Thanks. The new Holo is in Superdrug, you may be lucky and find the old ones in the bargain bucket in some Superdrugs too.

  3. The old one is stunning, the rainbow is so strong, and your pics are ace. Bargain bins are the only place for the old one, I check every branch of Superdrug that I go in now.


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