Saturday, 28 September 2013

Ferity Sun-Vision Colour Changing Polish + More Glequins

So you may have noticed that I'm pretty obsessed by colour changing polishes! I've tried some, but what you can find in the UK is pretty limited to be honest. But the other day while I was browsing on Amazon I found a range by a company called Ferity (never heard of them!) who make colour changing polishes, and I bought a whole selection.  It appears that Ferity make two kinds of colour changing polish - the temperature sensitive kind (I bought some of those, which I'll put in another post) and the Sun-Vision range that change in the sunlight.  I'm fascinated by the whole idea! This is Angel Kiss, a white-pink one that changes in sunlight. 
angel kiss indoor 2
Angel Kiss is a sheer white polish indoors. This is three coats. I added some Born Pretty Store glequins (see post here) which in the pot are white. However, it appears they're actually more translucent rather than white, as you'll see when this gets outdoors!
angel kiss indoor 1
I had a bit of a happy accident with my thumb! I was going to do dots, like my other nails, but the corner of my nail caught on the pot and tipped it up over my thumb. I was going to start again, but then I decided just to leave it - and I quite like the effect!
angel kiss outdoor 1
When you get this polish outside in the sunshine... look what happens!  The change is almost instant, and very distinct and obvious. I've had colour changing polishes in the past which are very subtle, but this isn't!
angel kiss outdoor 3
I really like the effect the glitter adds too. I'd initially thought the glitter was white, and that I'd have had pink nails with white polka dots. But what I actually got was this pretty translucent, sparkly effect, which I think is much prettier! The glitters reflect all sorts of colours, and give a really lovely sparkle.
angel kiss outdoor 2
The formula on this polish wasn't great. It's very thin and quite runny, and it smells really bad! Really really bad! But I suppose that's what you have to live with if you want the magic colour change! The bottle is small (4.2ml) and dinky, with a cute pencil shape. The brush obviously is also small, so not ideal, but for a gimmicky polish like this, it's fine.  These polishes cost me less than £2.50 each on Amazon.


  1. Does the colour change back again when you move out of the sun? x

    1. Yes! I should have put that in really. It changes back and forth really quickly, so sitting near a window is really entertaining - in sun, out of sun, in sun, out of sun! I'm easily amused.


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