Sunday, 24 November 2013

Ferity Miss Match - Purple Passion & OPI I Snow You Love Me

I've still not had enough of the colour changing polish!  This is another of the Ferity Miss Match polishes which I bought on Amazon, Purple Passion.
purple passion 1
I'm wearing this with another new one, OPI I Snow You Love Me, from the Mariah Carey Christmas 2013 collection.
purple passion 5
Purple Passion is a jelly-ish dark purple when cold, and a bright pink when hot.  As with the other Miss Match polishes, this is a bit sheer, and doesn't smell good, but the effect is wonderful, and I love it.

This is three coats of Purple Passion, with OPI's new holo circle glitter topcoat over it. I Snow You Love Me is a gorgeous sparkly holo silver circle glitter. It's a bit fiddly to get the glitter pieces where you want them, but you could always use a toothpick to place them if you wanted to. I just went for random placement.
purple passion 3
This is straight out from under the hot tap. The tips are getting colder...
purple passion 2
And colder...
purple passion 9
And colder.
purple passion 8
I do love how sparkly the holo glitter is!

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