Friday, 22 November 2013

Miss Match - Colour Changing Polish - Blue Melody

I loved the last couple of bottles of the Miss Match colour changing polish so much that I bought that I had to buy several more!  Today I have a blue one, Blue Melody, to show you.  This is three coats of Blue Melody, with topcoat. 
miss match blue melody 1
This one goes from an opaque cobalt blue when cold, to a pale, sheer forget-me-not blue when warm.  Formula is awkward - it's sheer and streaky and doesn't smell nice, but I absolutely LOVE this! 

miss match blue melody 2
slightly warmer...
miss match blue melody 3

miss match blue melody 4
miss match blue melody 5
miss match blue melody 6

Hot hands!
miss match blue melody 7
Hot hands with slightly cooler tips...
miss match blue melody 9
I'm childishly fascinated by this polish, and spent a long time playing with hot water, cold water, ice cubes, cups of tea... I love it.

I bought these polishes on Amazon for £2.45 (yes really!) each, from a seller called Body Jewellery Shop, who also have a website here.


  1. I love the effect with the water droplets on your fingers. :) Makes me exceedingly happy.

    1. It's fascinating to have hot nails and drip cold water on them. I'm easily pleased.


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