Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My (Nail) Christmas Wish List

I thought I'd post about some of the cool nail stuff that's made it to my Christmas list this year! (Or my when-I-win-the-lottery list, haha!)

I've seen these on loads of blogs recently, and they look SO nice! MoYou stamping plates are definitely on my list. They are beautifully packaged, and the plates themselves look stunning. I haven't really tried stamping yet, although I did buy a £1 set in Poundland, which worked. I just wasn't blown away with the designs. So I'd like some nice designs, like:

Photo: MoYou

The Rockstar Collection, plate 1. I want the skull! And the flames and especially the guitar!

I also love their huge plates with whole designs, where you can use bits and pieces for stamping, but the plate itself is a work of art:

Photo: MoYou

Especially this Mother Nature Collection plate 2. Isn't it beautiful?  They have all sorts of plates - I could keep adding them all day!

The next thing on my list would be some polish. I LOVE the look of Zoya Payton, from this year's Christmas collection. I loved Storm and Blaze, and this is the purple version of the same thing.


I've also got my eye on this amazing orange-gold holo from Jade, Uau (although it's sold out at the moment at the wonderful Sally Magpies shop).

Photo: Jade & Sally

Next on my list would be water decals! I LOVE water decals, they're so versatile and so easy to use, and just transform a design immediately. There are hundreds on the Born Pretty Store website, but today I think I want these ones:

Photo: BornPrettyStore

These are this item.

Another water decal set I'd like to try is this new feathers one:

Photo:Born Pretty Store

..which is this item. I love the pretty pink/blue ones on 1738 and the cheetah print ones on 1746 in particular.

My last choice is these spike studs, also from the Born Pretty Store:

Photo:Born Pretty Store

They're a bit crazy, and not the kind of thing you could wear to work, but they do look so cool!

So, what's on your (nail related) Christmas wishlist?


  1. I've got some MoYou plates on my Christmas wishlist as well! x

    1. I nearly caved and bought some today. They have some Christmas jumper ones! But I can't log into my paypal account, thank goodness!


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