Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Zoya Storm and Blaze Gradient

I really loved the two-tone effect of the colour changing polish I wore the last couple of days, but I wished it was sparkly!  So I thought I'd do a similar thing using Zoya Blaze and Storm, two gorgeous scattered holo jelly polishes, both of which I've posted about before.
blaze storm gradient 1
I painted two coats of Blaze (the raspberry red one) and then sponged on Storm on the tips. I found this really hard - Storm didn't want to sponge easily at all. It soaked into the sponge almost immediately, leaving some nails with lots of holo particles and no black jelly, and meaning that the sponge became dry really fast, so it took the polish off and left the tips bare.
blaze storm gradient 3
This meant that my gradient ended up really rough and a bit disappointing. I wanted this to be far more of a blend from red to black, but I just couldn't get it to turn out that way. Oh well, it still looks nice from a distance, I think, and I got a lot of compliments at work.
blaze storm gradient 2
I love Blaze, and I love Storm. But somehow they don't quite work like this, I think.

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  1. Must buy some Rowntrees fruit pastilles - oh sorry got side tracked!!


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