Thursday, 9 October 2014

Barry M Persian & Atlantis - new Aquarium Collection

I'm being a bit rubbish at the moment! Didn't finish the Colour Me Crazy challenge, haven't posted the last two Polish Party themes... I've got no ideas for any actual nail art, and I still haven't swatched any of the new Barry M Glitterati!

Tonight's post is just a quick look at the two new Barry M Aquarium colours - Persian and Atlantis.  Persian is a purple-gold duochrome, and Atlantis is a multicoloured glitter. 

Here I'm wearing two coats of Persian over a base of plain black creme, and a coat of Atlantis on my thumb and ring finger. 

Persian has quite a thin formula, which is why I've worn it over a black base. You can get the same result without the black base, but it'll take 3-4 coats.  The formula is good though - it's even and smooth, and dries well. 

Persian has a lovely purple shimmery finish in most indoor light, and then a lovely golden orange sheen in some other lights. It looked purple most of the time today, but then is showing the gold a lot more in the photos!

Atlantis is a clear base with lots of tiny silver hex particles, larger silver hex particles, blue diamond shapes, and fuchsia pink irregular shapes. It's super sparkly, as you can see! It needed a bit of dabbing and poking about to get the glitter evenly spaced, because it does tend to drag towards the tip of the nail otherwise.

I really like these two! Aren't they pretty?    


  1. This is really gorgeous! I didn't get Atlantis as first but picked it up today along with the new Boots glitters - they look amazing :-D

    Did you ever manage to get Twinkle from Tesco? I still haven't been able to get it even though they have Barry M :-|

    1. They're lovely aren't they?

      No, I haven't seen them anywhere, although to be honest I haven't been looking very hard. I didn't really like the swatches I've seen - a bit too messy for me.They look good in the bottle, but on the nails they're a bit... something.

  2. Omg I am in love! These are amazing, I must get them right away!! Great pictures :) x

    1. Thank you! They're pretty fab aren't they? I'm sure you need them. :D


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