Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Pink Shimmer Water Marble

I've been off sick today (just a bad headache, nothing serious) so just a quick post of the nails I've been wearing since Sunday. I wore these glossy for a day, and then made them matte.  While the water marbling isn't perfect, and there are a couple of smudgey bits, I still think it looks pretty nice!

I used a base of Barry M Cotton, and then marbled using Pink Punch, Rose Hip and Dragon. I then covered up the worst of the smudges with a topcoat of China Glaze Travel in Colour for the shimmer. Then I used Barry M Matte Topcoat for the matte effect. 

This reminds me of ice cream!

Even my right hand came out quite well! (Although I found it harder to tidy the edges!)

I'm a total convert to water marbling, especially now I know about using liquid latex to keep the skin clean for it - see my post here


  1. I like it, looks really nice. Look a bit like those sweeties or rock. :-)

    1. Thank you! They made me think of ice cream.


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