Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sephora - Midnight Crawl

This is the second of my Paris purchases - Sephora's Midnight Crawl.

sephora midnight crawl 1

I love how it looks in the bottle, a sort of oily, purpley silvery greeny shiny thing. I also like the tiny (5ml) bottle, as I very rarely use more than half a bottle of any nail varnish.  

The brush is quite small, but there is a nice rounded tip to it, which fits nicely into the curve of the cuticles.  It applied smoothly, and didn't seem to show many brush strokes.  This is two coats.

I don't think the different colours showed as well on the nail as they do in the bottle, but they were still there. 
It's purple and silver:

sephora midnight crawl 7

sephora midnight crawl 3
(this is outdoors, no flash, but no sun either!)

It's green:
sephora midnight crawl 5

It's gold:
sephora midnight crawl 4
(this is indoors, no flash)

It's lilac:
sephora midnight crawl 2
(indoors with flash)

This polish did shrink quite badly at the tips - I'm starting to think that my Seche Vite is not the best topcoat to use. I love how quickly it dries, and how hard it makes the nails, but I always seem to get really shrunken edges. 
It still looked pretty though, and the colour changes were quite subtly visible.


  1. ooh another duochrome! (check me out with my nail lingo. You taught me all I know) :-)

  2. Hey hey! It are you! You should see the spots I am sporting today.

  3. Did I ever mention you made me want this color?
    Now I have about 4 versions of it. LOL!

    1. Haha! I'd decant some for you, but it's such a tiny bottle!


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