Saturday, 4 February 2012

Leighton Denny - Inside Scoop

I haven't tried any Leighton Denny nail varnishes before, but I saw this last weekend for half price (£5.50) in John Lewis, and as I'd been thinking about getting a pale green polish for spring, I snapped it up.
This is Leighton Denny's Inside Scoop, a pale minty green, three coats plus Seche Vite.
inside scoop 1
Application was a bit streaky. The first coat was incredibly sheer and streaky and pretty unpleasant. The second coat improved it, and by the third I was happy.
inside scoop 2
The colour is a lovely fresh minty green, and it was really glossy and smooth, even before topcoat.  I liked it, although several of my colleagues weren't particularly impressed (one said my fingers looked mouldy, another mentioned Tipp-ex and one said it needed glitter). I probably wouldn't wear this regularly, but I liked that it was simple and clean and spring-like.

I then decided to jazz it up a bit with Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure. This is a polish I've read a lot about online, and from what I'd read it seems to be a bit hard to find, and has possibly been discontinued. Sally Hansen isn't easy to find in the UK (large Boots do stock some, but it's quite pricy) and I was surprised to find this in a rummage bin in my local market hall for £1.50! Bargain.

inside scoop + hidden treasure 3
Anyway, I liked this a lot over Inside Scoop. Hidden Treasure is a flakie topcoat that changes colour a lot depending on the colour underneath, and here it moved between a shimmering greeny-blue and a golden effect. 
inside scoop + hidden treasure 2
I liked this a lot more than Inside Scoop on its own, but I did like both.
inside scoop + hidden treasure


  1. I love this -- please let it be a sign of spring on the way

  2. Thanks! Yes, that's what I was hoping too.

  3. I've found some Sally Hansen in Superdrug before (Hard as Nails extreme wear), and just found a stash of Diamond Strength colours in the pound shop. A distributor must have gone under.


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