Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Roll in the Hague - with extra bits

I really REALLY liked Opi's A Roll in the Hague (see previous post here) and wore it again for a day recently. I love how bright and juicy it is. 
hague + spears
After a day though, I felt like jazzing it up a bit. I'd been dreaming about arrows and spears (don't ask! I blame too much Hunger Games reading at bedtime!) and did this with my new best friend, sticky labels. Not that they're really arrows or spears, but that was what I was thinking about at the time.
hague + spears 4
First I did a gold spear using Barry M Gold Foil on my thumbs and ring fingers.  I added topcoat and waited an hour for it to be really really dry. Then I added an extra spear using Rimmel Black Out, and then more topcoat.
hague + spears 3
And just to prove that I do have a right hand!
hague + spears 2
I liked this a lot. It only lasted a day though - my ring fingers and thumbs peeled this afternoon - but then there were two layers of orange, 1 topcoat, then gold, more topcoat, then black, then topcoat again, so a total of 7 coats of varnish!


  1. Seven sounds like an average glittebomb day in my house! Hard as Wraps, 2 x base colour, 2 x glitter, then a couple of layers of topcoat because I don't like the bumpy feel of glitters. The spears look really cool though.

    1. Thanks!

      I think it's mainly the Seche Vite to be honest. If I have seven layers of polish it rarely peels, but more than a couple of topcoat layers and I get the PEEL.


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