Saturday, 9 June 2012

Barry M Red Magnetic

Barry M recently jumped on the magnetic bandwagon. The cool thing about their magnetics is that the magnets come in different shapes, not just the standard wavy shape that most British magnetic nail varnishes seem to have. There are magnets with horizontal lines, diagonal lines, a wavy quilted effect, and a sort of star pattern.
red magnetic 4
This is the Red one, which comes with a diagonal line patterned magnet. The application is like other magnetic polishes - doing one nail at a time, paint the nail and immediately hold the detatchable cap over the nail. There is a little lip on the cap to stop the magnet from touching the nail. I actually did two coats - one on all nails, and then another one nail at a time, using the magnet.
red magnetic 3
The pattern develops fairly quickly, and changes the nice rich red to a strongly striped brighter red and dark reddish-black pattern. I really like this effect, I think it looks quite stylish. What ISN'T stylish are the dents in my fingers! I didn't notice them until afterwards, but they are the dents from the magnet lip! I must have been pressing a bit hard - plus my hands are feeling very dry and tired at the moment, so I don't think my skin is bouncing back very well. I'm getting old, haha!
red magnetic 2

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