Friday, 20 July 2012

Springsteen, yay!

I went to Dublin to see Bruuuuce again on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. This time it did not rain for hours and hours. In fact, I got sunburnt! There was a shower both days, but we didn't get particularly wet. The shows were just amazing - Bruce is always brilliant, but these were something else entirely!
bruce pre pit 18-07-12
Anyway. On my nails I wore Sephora's I'm a Rich Girl (which I bought in Paris last November and hadn't worn yet!)  It looked really pretty and shone in the sunlight when I waved my hands in the air, although you can't really tell here.
sephora i'm a rich girl pre pit
It had peeled a bit by the end of Wednesday, but it still looked ok.



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  2. So instead of a "dead-head" (those who travel about & follow The Grateful Dead) you're a "Spring-head"? ;-)

    Also, that gold looks lovely and I really like your feather ring. 8D

    1. I believe we may be called Tramps (because tramps like us, baby we're born to run...). Or something.

      The ring is actually a leaf, but now you say it, it does look a hell of a lot like a feather.


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