Thursday, 2 August 2012

Nails Inc New Burlington Place - and more pendants

This is one of my new Nails Inc polishes. I found a set of 4 (New Burlington Place, Wardour Mews, Lexington Street and Symons Street) for £15, so just under £4 each. 
new burlington place 4
This is two coats of New Burlington Place, with topcoat.
new burlington place 2
New Burlington Place is a gorgeous shimmery reddish bronze colour, with a foil finish and a duochrome edge to it. The duochrome is more visible in the bottle, but it's still there on the nail, especially in low light. It shifts from a bright fuschia red to a golden bronze colour.
new burlington place 6
Application was lovely - really smooth and even. I like the brush, it's smooth and easy to use. I'm not overly fond of Nails Inc bottle caps though - they're quite large to hold, which makes them a bit clunky to turn round in your hand. 

I love this look!  I liked it so much that I also made a pendant to go with it. 
new burlington place pendant 3 new burlington place pendant 2

new burlington place pendant 2 new burlington place 1

new burlington place 3
What do you think?


  1. That's gorgeous! I think I got this in my Nails Inc set from TK Maxx too, but it's the one I haven't tried yet. (Need to do my nails tonight, nubbins slowly growing out, but staying pale til they're better)

  2. That goes so well with the finding colour too.

  3. I love how this looks on the pendant! Really works well on it x

    1. I've nominated you for a beautiful blogger award :)

      copy, paste and follow the rules! x

    2. Thanks - it works pretty well, doesn't it? I've made a ring too, and there's something not... right about it somehow though.

    3. And oooh, thank you! I just read it actually. GOSH and all that!

  4. I bought this set too. New Burlington Place is one of my favourite colours at the moment, it's unusual but very wearable. I love your pendant, the colour looks gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! It is a really wearable colour, isn't it?


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