Sunday, 9 September 2012

OPI Danke-Shiny Red + Glequins

After seeing all Sammy's stunning studded and glequinned nails over at The Nailasaurus, I bought myself a load of birthday presents over at Born Pretty. I got studs (round and square) and striping tape (lots of colours) and TWELVE different colours of great big glittery bits to stick on. 
danke shiny red + glequins 3
This is my first attempt at using them. I followed Sammy's method of using a toothpick dipped in clear polish and adding them to still tacky nail varnish.  
danke shiny red + glequins 2
The base is my new OPI Danke-Shiny Red from the Germany collection. This is two coats. Usual good OPI consistency, and a lovely bright, shiny red with a lovely rich shimmer to it.  
danke shiny red + glequins 4

I then added white and blue glequins to my ring finger. I attempted to do straight lines, but as you can see, they are only approximate. What Sammy does that I apparently can't is align the glequins the same way. I just couldn't see them! I think I need some kind of magnifying glass for doing my nails, because I could only see roundish glitter, not the detail of which were corners and which were edges! That's a bit worrying. Maybe I should actually put my glasses on next time!
danke shiny red + glequins
Anyway, I still like the result. And the OPI is a hit with me too. I think it's a perfect autumnal colour - I have similar browns and oranges so I'm planning some kind of autumn leaves mani at some point.


  1. Oh that rich, shimmery red. ♥ Thank goodness fall and the holidays are coming fast.

    1. It's a nice colour isn't it?

      Are you going on holiday then?

  2. Why are they Glequins & not Sequins?

    Love the effect though.

    1. Sammy called them that I think, because they're bigger than glitter but not big enough to be sequins.

    2. That makes sense. I was having visions of it being something to do with Glee, which I've still managed to avoid watching.


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