Saturday, 6 October 2012

New Barry M Glitters

Barry M's new glitter range is very sparkly!
barry m glitters 1
Left-Right we have Pink Sapphire, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Yellow Topaz, Gold Mine and Ruby.

I am off on holiday tomorrow and am wearing BARE NAILS for it, so I'm not swatching on my nails today. But here are all the colours - one coat each over a bare nail wheel:
barry m glitters 4
L-R, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Yellow Topaz, Ruby, Gold Mine...
barry m glitters 5
Ruby, Gold Mine, Pink Sapphire.

Amethyst is a mix of blue, pink, purple and possibly silver holo glitter. It's all one size, and is a very dense mix. Rose Quartz is a mix of tiny pink holo microglitter and  larger pink glitter. It's very very sparkly in the light. Yellow Topaz is very much the same thing, but in yellow gold.  Ruby is a mix of tiny black microglitter, some almost bar-shaped black glitter, and large black and fuschia hex glitter. Gold Mine is a black base with gold glitter. Pink Sapphire is a clear base with tiny bright pink microglitter, silver holo bar glitter and large fuschia glitter.  On their own, I like Yellow Topaz, Rose Quarts and Pink Sapphire most. Gold Mine is the most disappointing, as it lookd a bit murky.

And here they all are over black:
barry m glitters 7
Amethyst looks much better over black, I think. Rose Quartz and Yellow Topaz look good too.
barry m glitters 8
I don't like Ruby over black - the black glitter is hidden and just makes it look lumpy. Gold Mine looks better over black than it does on its own. I like how Pink Sapphire looks, but I think I'd add more coats next time.

And here they all are over other base colours. 
barry m glitters 6
Amethyst is over Barry M Navy - I think this is really nice - I'd definitely pair these two together in a full mani. Rose Quartz is over Barry M Shocking Pink - I like this, but it's not my favourite. Yellow Topaz is over Barry M Block Orange - I'm not keen on this as I think the colours are too different.

barry m glitters 3
Ruby is over Essie Sand Tropez - I really like the combo of the beigey nude with the black and pink. Pink Sapphire is over GOSH Holographic Hero - I feel a bit ambivalent about that combo.  On the right is Amethyst again, over China Glaze Frosty, which I think is a very dull combo and doesn't do anything for me.

So - what do you reckon?

barry m glitters 2

(I'm going on holiday - I am not scheduling posts while I'm off, sorry! And I'm unlikely to be near the internet for two weeks. See you when I get back!)


  1. Neen was telling me about the new glitters. after reading this I am now fancying Rose Quartz and Pink Sapphire.

    I also want the gold leaf top coat from the OPI James Bond collection, and probably the mini collection too.


    1. Look up the Zoya gold leaf topcoat too!

      Rose Quartz is very very sparkly, and Pink Sapphire is gorgeous.

    2. The Zoya has "sold out" according to their Facebook or Twitter or something. =(
      But an OPI James Bond collection? Count me in!

    3. I haven't seen a gold topcoat yet but the gold foil is stunning. Poss called Goldeneye, I'm not certain.

    4. Goldeneye is the Foil, Man With The Golden Gun is their 24k topcoat. Can't wait. REALLY need Goldeneye.

    5. Yeah I had to buy goldeneye at the airport.

  2. These are so pretty! I'm deffo going to be getting these!

    Jazz x

  3. They all look so pretty lined up in their bottles! I like the Rose Quartz and Pink Sapphire best on the nails but the Amethyst over the navy base is a great combo too.

    Hope you have a lovely holiday!

  4. Loving Ruby, I might need to buy that one... if I'm ever allowed to buy again.

    I can't believe you're going to spend 2 weeks with naked nails. I bet you'll be going wild in the aisles in Duty Free! Have a great trip, and find something suitably sparkly, see you when you get back.

  5. Most of these were sold out at my local boots :( I did manage to get rose quartz though, it's so sparkly! Love it! Also picked up a couple of the new Gelly hi shines! So beautiful think I need more :) xx

  6. Take Yellow Topaz outside & it explodes, half the glitter is holo, and it looks absolutely amazeballs on Watermelon Gelly (though very much like a christmas tree)

  7. What other 'colours' go well with the Ruby one.


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