Saturday, 10 November 2012

Claire's Mood Color Changing Polish - Wild/Calm

I have FINALLY got round to trying out the next of my Claire's color changing nail polish! It's only taken about 6 months, haha! My nails have grown quite long recently, so I thought it would be a perfect time to try out the colour gradient you can get with colour changing polishes. 
calm wild 2
This is Calm/Wild, two coats, with topcoat.  Calm/Wild is a metallic pinky purple, that moves between pale pink (when warm) to darker purple (when cold).

This is what it looks like with very warm hands, fresh from the hot tap:
calm wild 4
Here, my hands are much colder:
calm wild 5
And here I've managed to catch it mid change - warm on the nail bed, cold at the tips:
calm wild 6
Here you can see the two colours side by side:calm wild 1
Left finger has been under the hot tap, right finger under the cold tap.

The colour change is definite and clear, but isn't hugely noticeable unless you're really paying attention, as the difference between the two colours isn't huge. But it's a pretty polish anyway. Application is nice and smooth, and it dries quickly with a matte finish which looks pretty. I've added topcoat for shine, but it isn't necessary. I'd definitely wear this again.  


  1. I love that! I definitely need some!

    1. Not bad is it? Only took me two years and two US swaps to find it, haha!


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