Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I Love Elections!

I love elections! There's something so exciting about staying up late watching graphs and exit polls and percentages and all that malarkey. I'm no longer involved in politics (I used to be really into it when I was a student, and got involved in campaigns and elections and so on, and my degree was in Political Science) but I'm still interested, and I still love elections!  Coincidental timing has meant that I've been on holiday in the States during the October of the last two presidential elections, and I loved it, very exciting. I love the debates and the speculation and the whole shebang.
obama nails
ANYWAY, here are my disappointing Obama nails. Apparently my paintbrush is nowhere near fine enough - I'm not at all happy with how my red lines have turned out. Oh well, I don't care too much, as I have wine and popcorn and my all-in-one pyjamas on, and I'm settled in to make a night of it - I've even booked tomorrow off work so I don't have to go to bed.  
obama nails 3
Colours used are China Glaze Frosty, Barry M Cobalt Blue, and my OPI mystery red that might or might not be The Color of Minnie. I used hole reinforcers to make the blue pattern, and freehanded the red.  


  1. Looks great! I'm a fan of Obama too and I think the elections are also exciting!

    Jazz x

    1. Thanks! I managed til 3.30 am here, and then had to go to bed - so I missed all the good stuff! But it was so exciting, and I was awake again by 7.30, lol!

  2. Your nails are too extreme for Nevada imo. :P


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