Thursday, 13 December 2012

Jacava - Knightsbridge Opulence

I was contacted recently by the lovely people at Jacava, asking me if I'd like to try one of their polishes. I'd never heard of Jacava - they're a new British company - but I jumped at the chance! I chose Knightsbridge Opuence - and here it is! This is two coats, with Seche Vite topcoat.
knightsbridge opulence 7
Jacava's polishes come in very swish-looking bottles, with elongated gold caps. I really like the look - it's a bit out of the ordinary, and makes the polish look that bit extra special. I also like their cute little logo of the J with a top hat - I'm a sucker for a top hat!
knightsbridge opulence 6
The polish itself is 4-Free (no formaldehyde, tuolene, camphor or DBP, those nasty chemicals that somehow nail varnish companies are allowed to put in their products) which is great.
knightsbridge opulence 4
Knightsbridge Opulence is a gorgeous bright pink, with a tiny shimmery flash of blue in the right light. It's not a hugely unique shade if you're a total nail varnish addict like me, but it's unlike any colours you see on the high street, and it's so vibrant and shiny that I love it.  
knightsbridge opulence 2
Application was good - it's a touch runnier than cheap high street creme polishes, which suited me. The brush is quite slender, which again, I like because it gives that extra precision. My nails are quite narrow, so a slim brush would always be my choice. This did take a little while longer to dry than usual, but I'm certain this was because my hands were so cold, not because of the polish.
knightsbridge opulence 5
This wore well - I've had it on for 36 hours now and it's still looking perfect. I'm going to keep it on for work again tomorrow, because it drew quite a few compliments today.
knightsbridge opulence
You can currently buy Jacava polishes online at Amazon UK, and on their website here. They are £13.50 each, but the price also drops the more you buy - 3 for £27, 4 for £35 and so on. Looking at their Facebook page, it seems they also have deals and discount codes if you're lucky enough to catch them.  These colours are pricier than the nail varnish I usually show on this blog, or that I buy usually, but I think it's a good price for a special polish - it's only a bit more than an OPI, and half the price of something like Chanel or Dior. I think they'd make an ideal Christmas present for that nail varnish addict in your life! They're special enough to be a decent present, but not so expensive that it breaks the bank. I'm definitely putting some on my Christmas list (I've got my eye on Chillax, or Marrakesh Nights, or Blackberry Fool...!)

Edit: I am really pleased with how well this lasted on my nails. My nails are long (for me) at the moment, and I seem to chip the corners and tips really easily. Despite that, this one stayed looking perfect from when I painted them on Wednesday afternoon through to when I removed the polish on Saturday morning - no chips, no peels, nothing. And then it removed super easily, and no stains. I'm definitely impressed. 

This was provided free of charge for review purposes. As always though, my review is still 100% honest and all opinions are my own. I wasn't paid, or told what to write.       



  1. Wow it glows, I'm not surprised you got compliments!

  2. Just been to site - OMG chillax looks amazing! It can consider itself on my wish list too.

    1. I KNOW! I don't know whether to add them to my Amazon list, which people might see, or wait til after Christmas and buy them myself with the discount... or BOTH. Lol?

  3. I'm eyeing up City Heights. I need more sensible polishes & less "insane blingy stuff", it's a really unusual shade.

    1. Oh, that does look nice! It seems to have a bit of a bluey flash to it somehow...

  4. what an awesome name-- Chillax! LOL!


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