Friday, 15 February 2013

Jade Holografico - Vermelho Surreal

Today I have another of the Jade holo range to show you. After the gorgeousness of the Mystic Gold that I bought from the wonderful online heaven that is Sally Magpies, I went back and bought three more! (More to come next week...)  This is Vermelho Surreal (Portugese for Surreal Red), three coats with no topcoat or basecoat.
vermelho surreal 1
Although it's called red, Vermelho Surreal is more of a deep pinky coral colour, with strong linear holo particles. 
vermelho surreal 2
Application was good - even and smooth, and dries quickly. The first coat is a little sheer, but two coats was fine. I added a third just to make it even better.

In normal light the holo is pretty distinct, but in bright light (this is my phone flash) it goes bonkers:
vermelho surreal 3
This one was taken with my hand very close to my bedroom light:
vermelho surreal 5
I like this colour!
vermelho surreal 4

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