Sunday, 2 February 2014

Superbowl Mani

I have to say - I have no interest in American Football (or actual football, come to that) although I do like baseball, even though I don't follow it these days. But I do know a nice gentleman who is a fan of the Denver Broncos and who is watching the superbowl tonight, and who I will be seeing tomorrow, so I wanted to do some nails that fitted in.  They also had to be moderately subtle, as I need to wear these to work tomorrow. 

This is two coats of Dior Delice, and some blue striping tape. That's all.

I quite like it. Blue and orange are a nice combination, and it's nice to use striping tape for something other than painting over and then removing. 

The tape is sticking out very slightly at the free edge of my nails, so when it's totally dry I'm going to file a bit and topcoat again I think.  

I also cut my nails yesterday, as they were getting really long and starting to annoy me a bit. They'll grow again, I just wanted a change. 


  1. Really cool simple design, also I don't follow American football either! :)

    1. Thanks!

      It was all wasted anyway as I didn't see my friend! Pfft.

  2. Have you ever had an issue with the colour coming off the tape with top coat? I bought some bronze and spent ages faffing around getting it on straight then I top coated and it went tarnished silver colour. Or are you not supposed to top coat it? But then it would be bumpy and I KNOW I wouldn't be able to resist peeling it off.

    1. Hm. No, I have never had that. Although sometimes I peel the tape off and the colour stays behind. But yes, always use topcoat. WHich topcoat do you use?


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