Sunday, 4 May 2014

Super GLOWY Pink Rose Stamping!

The other day, I somehow bought a small UV torch. I'm not even quite sure why, but OH MY GOODNESS! I've become addicted to walking round the house in the dark, seeing what glows!  Fun things include my teeth, the cat's ears, and of course nail varnish. Less fun things include large parts of my cooker top, strange blotches on my face, and mysterious splashes in the bathroom....   Aaaaaanyway.  Nail varnish. 

This design is my second time using my new MoYou London Mother Nature plate 11 (see first post yesterday). In normal light, I think it's a really pretty look!

The pale pink is Barry M Blossom, the brighter pink is Models Own Bubblegum. I stamped on top of Blossom with Bubblegum, and on top of Bubblegum with Konad white.

I really like how this looks - it's sweet and pretty, and this rose design is a lovely one on this plate.  But just wait and see what happens under UV light!  I stuck my hands in the airing cupboard - and hey presto!

The glow is SO bright!  I haven't doctored the photos at all - I used a normal exposure, no extra lighting, no playing with the colour balance, nothing. I can't get over how BRIGHT these are!

It's a bit of a waste of time I suppose, as unless I walk around in the dark and bring my torch, then nobody will see my glowy nails - I don't go to places where they have UV lights these days!  

   Oh well, I still think it's fun!


  1. That's really pretty! The nails look amazing under that light as well. I've just had some new MoYou plates and that design is on them so well be trying them soon I think

    1. Thank you!

      I'm fascinated by the glowing - I can't stop playing with the torch.

  2. I love how you just *somehow* found yourself buying a UV torch. Useful for spotting where furpeople have had incidents on the rug.

    1. My furpeople do not have accidents. But yes, quite.


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