Sunday, 12 July 2015

China Glaze Pastel Water Marble

Today I was in the mood for a water marble. I wanted to make a neon rainbow one, but I just could not get the polishes to spread on the water, so I gave up that plan and made a pastel one instead using China Glaze polishes. 

I started with a white base, and then used Tart-y For the Party, Pink-ie Promise and Keep Calm Paint On for the marble.  

I've added topcoat for shine. This looks a bit scruffy round the cuticles, especially on the thumb, as I found it quite hard to clean up for some reason. My cuticles are really dry at the moment too. I need to do a deep-moisturising treatment! 


  1. Great marble, I like it :-D

  2. Ooo these look lush, I never seem to be very successful at water marble!

    1. Thank you!

      I know, I could never get it right at all, it just made a big old mess every time. Then suddenly I seemed to crack it.

  3. What a pretty pastel water marble!


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