Thursday, 19 November 2015

Floral Freehand Nails

Today's nails are some freehand floral nails. I haven't done flowers in far too long!

I started with a base of Barry M Sugar Apple, a pretty blue-green creme. I then used a fine brush to freehand the flowers. I used a combination of Konad White, then Barry M Pink Punch and Rose Hip for the petals, with Yellow for the centre, and Key Lime and MoYou London Spring Green for the leaves. 

I'm really pleased with how these turned out!

And just to show that I do always do my right hand, even if it's not quite as neat, here's my other hand! Sorry, I can't pose it properly or hold the camera level!

I kind of wish I'd added lots more flowers now!


  1. Beautiful! The colours go together so well, and just right to brighten up these dark wintery days! :)


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