Sunday, 8 November 2015

Leighton Denny - Fireball

This is another of the polishes I found at the outlet mall place last week. I'm not sure how much Leighton Denny polishes, usually cost (over a tenner, I think) but these were £4.99 - I bought a couple of different colours. This is Fireball.

While this isn't that unique a colour - I have a few similar ones, I'm sure - it is just my kind of colour!

This is two coats, with no topcoat. 

Application is really nice - smooth and easy, nice brush, no messiness, dries well. And the colour is gorgeous! Glowy red with gold and orange particles that really shine. 

Close-up, you can see the blend of colours in there. 

Isn't this a pretty colour? I wore this to work for two days, and it lasted really nicely, no chips or wear or peeling or anything.  I then stamped over this with some guitars, because I was going to see Nils Lofgren in Sheffield on Thursday night. 

I used MoYou London Rockstar 01 and Konad Black. I didn't have time to do anything fancy, but I wanted to add something to the nails rather than just leaving them plain. 

The topcoat also really brought out the shine of the Leighton Denny polish!






  1. Leighton Denny polishes are lovely, but I can't quite justify the full price (£12 ish I think), because they don't wear well on me, but that's just a me thing, I think. Gorgeous colour, this one.

  2. Oh wow this is really gorgeous :-D


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