Sunday, 10 January 2016

SCOTTISH Nail Polish! New Brand Review - Tami Beauty

Oops! I haven't posted since before Christmas, sorry! I wasn't in the mood for nails particularly for a couple of weeks, and then last week I had a really nasty nail break so my left hand looked quite unpleasant. I'm still missing a big chunk of nail on my middle finger, but at least it's not too awful now.

Anyway, I was contacted recently to ask if I'd like to review a new polish brand, and I was particularly excited to see that they're Scottish! I'm not Scottish my self, and I don't live there now, but I was at uni in Dundee and spent 4 very happy years living there. 

Tami Beauty is a new brand, and they sent me all three of their colours to try out. 

Don't they look pretty? Left to right, here are Gleneagles Glamour, Lady of Lomond and Skibo Sunset.

Check out their website here.  Tami polishes are 3-free, and are not tested on animals in any way. 

I tried Lady of Lomond over new year, before I had my broken nail. 

This is a pale green polish with lots of holo particles and tiny glitter. 

This is two coats, with topcoat. The formula is nice - a little runny, and dragged a couple of bare patches on the first coat, but the second coat was perfect.  This dries slightly matte, so I added topcoat to smooth it and add shine. The brush is nice - fairly short and slim, and easy to control.

Isn't this pretty? I wore this for three days, and the wear was excellent. There was no chipping, peeling, shrinkage or anything else. Removal was a little tricky as the glitter was pretty solidly fixed, but it was nothing that the foil method couldn't solve. 

Next up was Gleneagles Glamour, which is a pale nude-pink with the same holo and glitter as Lady of Lomond. The formula seemed slightly better, as I didn't get the dragged patches. 

This again is two coats, with topcoat.

I really like how this one looks. It's sparkly and pretty, without being OTT, and I think would be work-appropriate as well as very pretty.

It's such a pretty, delicate polish, don't you think? You can see the rose-gold glitter particles there, which make it a really flattering shade.

The last of the three is Skibo Sunset. This one is a bright cerise pink holo. It doesn't have the glitter particles of the other two, and dries with a shinier finish. 

This is two coats, with topcoat. Again, the application was really good, and the polish dried quickly.  This is the least unique of the three shades, but it's really pretty, especially in bright light, where the holo is more visible. 

Isn't it lovely?

I really liked all three of these polishes. The formula is good, application is nice, the brush is the sort I like best.  They are available on the Tami website for £9 each, or £21 for the set. I think the £9 price is perhaps a little steep for a new brand, when you compare it to brands like Nails Inc or China Glaze, but then again it's a small company and I can understand why production costs more. And the polishes are really really nice, so it's a big thumbs up from me! I'm looking forward to seeing what their next colours are going to be. 

These polishes were provided for my honest review. See my Disclaimer section for more information.




  1. Ooh i love holo pinks! Bit too spendy for me but they look great. Thanks for sharing x

  2. I keep seeing them on my Facebook feed, but can't justify spending that amount especially when I may have dupes.

    1. THat's interesting, I haven't seen any other posts or photos or anything at all so far! The pink is definitely not unique to me, but I don't think I've got anything like the other two. But yes, a bit too pricey really.

  3. Lovely swatches! I bought these quite some time ago and impatiently waiting for them to bring out some more! I agree they are pricey @ £9 a bottle but more reasonable @ 3 for £21


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