Friday, 13 May 2016

Gradient Droplets

I recently had a splurge on exciting nail vinyls from a US store, Whats Up Nails, after seeing them in some gorgeous blogger photos on Instagram. I was SO excited when the package came!

I've been wearing these nails for three days, and have only taken them off now because I managed to chip one.   The base is Barry M Cotton. I then used the droplet vinyl stencils, and splodged on three of the new Barry M Lolly Gloss polishes, the orange one (Orange Fizz), the pink one (Pink Candy) and the red one (Cherry Drop) in a gradient-ish design. You can't actually see the change from red to pink that clearly, but I still think this works.

The vinyls are fantastic - they stick down and lie flat, and then lift off easily without leaving any sticky residue, just beautiful crisp lines. 

The Lolly Gloss polishes are lovely - translucent and super shiny, and they smell of boiled sweets! 

You can see the range of stencils and vinyls at Whats Up Nails here.  I bought these, and used a discount code from Vics Nails, who did the gorgeous nails where I first spotted these vinyls.


  1. Gorgeous! The gradient works brilliantly

  2. Gorgeous mani, I love these droplet style vinyls too. I need to buy some asap. I need to also start using the lolly gloss for nail art & I think gradients will be the perfect place to start.
    Vicky x

    1. Thank you! They blend together so well! They seem really good for watermarbling too.


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