Sunday, 20 November 2016

Autumn Gradient with Stamping

I hate this time of year! It's wet and cold and clammy and work is stressful and everything is just generally uurgh.  Hence the lack of blogging I suppose. I have done my nails, but I've only taken photos of some of them.

Anyway, here are some nails I wore a couple of weeks ago. I started with a gradient using China Glaze Riveting and Barry M Sparkling Amethyst.  I wore these like this for a couple of days at work.

I then stamped over the gradient using Konad Black and.... probably one of the MoYou London XL plates, although I can't remember which one. 

I really liked how these looked. The stamp is supposed to be floral, but I think it's ended up looking more abstract here. I love Riveting (the shimmery orange one) but haven't worn it for a really long time - I clearly need to dig it out more often!


  1. Wow I am liking this a lot :-D

  2. That gradient is stunning! I'm seriously loving the red/orange toned gradients at the minute.
    Vicky xx


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