Sunday 29 January 2017

Purple Gradient - and Not Knowing When to Stop!

Yesterday I did a pretty purple gradient using three Barry M polishes - Fondant, Sugar Plum and Blackberry.

I really liked this, and wore it alone for the day.

Today I wanted to do something else to it, and decided to do a freehand floral design over it. I used some thin brushes and Konad White to make some grassy leafy stems, which I thought looked quite pretty.  

However, because I never know when to leave well enough alone, I started adding Barry M Lilac Foil - which wasn't too bad when it was just the stems, but then I added stupid flowery blobs on top of the stems too, which was a mistake.   I don't like how this all looks, so I've taken these off now. Boo.



  1. Although I love the base and grass, I agree it maybe went one step too far with the flowers. I often do this with manis and then wish I had stopped. You'll just have to redo that gorgeous base!
    Vicky xx

    1. I never know when to stop! Plus the flowers were far too messy. Thank you for the compliment on the first bit though!

  2. You totes should've gone over it with Fairy Dust or Electric Lane. Can rescue all kinds of things! I think you were being a bit hard on the poor flowers though, i liked them xx

  3. Nice one.... Please suggest some ideas for short nails too.

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