Sunday, 11 December 2011

Barry M - Mushroom

This is another nail varnish that I've been wearing recently - Barry M's Mushroom.

bm mushroom 2

Like all Barry M polishes, the application is smooth and even, with a good brush and excellent coverage in two coats. I could have got away with one if I'd made it slightly thicker, but I prefer two thinner coats just to even it up.

bm mushroom 3
This is outdoors in early morning not very light. It looks much darker here than it does in most other light. Having said that, the colour is considerably darker on the nail than it is in the bottle.
bm mushroom 1
Barry M polishes always look glossy and vivid for several days, and last really well without chipping. For a cheap brand, they really are excellent. This shade is a bit neutral for my taste usually (I'm more about the glitter and the bright colours) but every so often I really want to wear something more subtle and understated, and this is the one I go for most often.

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