Saturday, 17 December 2011

Zoya Nova

I've been rubbish at blogging these days! To be fair, I've also been rubbish at painting my nails. So much so that I actually went to work for two days this week with BARE NAILS!  Yes, really!

Anyway, now I'm online, I'm going to spam my blog with nail varnish.

This is Zoya Nova. It was a birthday present earlier in the year, and I've worn it a few times but never photographed it. I found this really hard to take photos of as it's just been so dark and gloomy recently. These photos are indoors with a not very good light source. 
zoya nova 3
Zoya nova is a dark pink jelly-like varnish with silver and pink glitter. The first coat is very sheer, so much so that it looks pretty awful; streaky and uneven and quite ugly. Two coats looks much better, and three coats is suddenly TA-DAA! amazingly shiny and sparkly and berry-coloured. I love it.
zoya nova 2

It wears really well - mine lasted two days and a good part of the third day before I wanted to change it for something else, and took it off. It was still pretty much perfect at that point. In the past, I've worn it for about five days at a time without any chips and only a tiny bit of tip wear.

zoya nova 1

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