Sunday, 12 February 2012

17 Magnetized - Lilac

I liked the last 17 magnetic polish so much (see here) that I got another one. 

This is the dark purple version. It's called Lilac, I'm not sure why, as it really isn't lilac in the slightest. 
17 lilac magnetic 1
Application was good, exactly the same as the green version. This is two coats - one coat on all ten nails, left to dry, and then one nail at a time adding a second coat and holding the magnet above the nail.
17 lilac magnetic 2
This dried quite matte and a bit dull-looking, but once I added topcoat, the shine is gorgeous.
17 lilac magnetic 3


  1. I really like this colour, will have to try it. I got the blue one and wasn't too keen on the colour or the effect :-)

    1. Yes, I've heard other people not liking the blue one too, funnily enough.


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