Sunday, 5 February 2012

China Glaze - For Audrey

This colour has been out for ages, but I have only just got my hands on it. China Glaze made it in honour of Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the colour is a gorgeous almost-Tiffany Blue shade.  It's not an exact match, because apparently Tiffany have trademarked their lovely, very distinctive colour. Who knew?! I certainly didn't until just now.
cg for audrey 5

Anyway, having said that, while For Audrey isn't exactly the same colour as the Tiffany boxes, it's very very close.
cg for audrey 2
Application was really good - the usual good China Glaze brush, and a nice thickish cover. If I'd been a bit braver and gone slightly thicker, then one coat would have been enough, but I decided to go for two thinner ones to make it perfect. However, there was none of the streakiness of yesterday's Leighton Denny pale green. 
cg for audrey 1
I wasn't sure whether to class this as a green or a blue, because it's both, but as it matches my Tiffany box (I bought a lovely silver ring when I first visited New York, back in 2001) and the Tiffany colour is called blue, then I'm putting it on the shelf with my blues. 

cg for audrey 4

It snowed here last night, and today the sun's out, so it's nice and bright outside for once! It's not particularly deep snow, but it does look pretty. Please don't look at my dry skin! I swear I couldn't see it with my eyes until I looked at the macro shots - I moisturised and oiled my cuticles and everything, and was a bit horrified to see the dry bits and the bits of polish I missed when I was cleaning up. Time for an eye test I think!
cg for audrey 3


  1. Verrrrrrry pretty - you're right, the Tiffany box is bluer isn't it (I bought a silver necklace on my first visit to NY - ten years ago for my 30th and I've kept all the packaging!) Colour really suits you :-)

  2. Thanks! And yes, I did the same, kept all the packaging. I use the pretty bag to keep hair things in.

  3. I adore this colour.


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