Monday, 25 June 2012

Barry M Red Glitter

This is Barry M's Red Glitter. I've had this for a while, and worn it several times. One of my friends says that it's "miles better than Ruby Pumps". While I don't agree with that - they're totally different for starters, and Ruby Pumps has so much more depth to it - it's still a pretty damn good polish, especially for £2.99!
red glitter 4
This is one coat of Rimmel Pro Heart on Fire (basic red creme) and two coats of Barry M Red Glitter. I always wear it with a base of colour, because it's basically just a clear base with a shedload of red glitter in it, so there will often be little bare patches unless you do lots of layers.   This is also two coats of Seche Vite, because this glitter does dry quite matte, and really soaks up the topcoat. You definitely need a lot of topcoat to bring out the sparkle!
red glitter 3
I like Red Glitter. It's sparkly and bright and cheerful, without being too over the top. It's sparkly, but it's not actually THAT sparkly, because the glitter pieces are so small. In the end, I think it looks more like a foil than a glitter.
red glitter 2
I also went a bit mad today and bought FOUR new Barry M glitters in Superdrug. They have a new range of glitters out! To go with the existing Red, Blue and Green Glitters, they now also have Aqua, Magenta, Gold, Silver Multi and Pink Multi. I didn't buy the pink because I already have a few similar ones, and anyway it was a bit pale for me, but I did buy the others. And in Superdrug at the moment, if you spend £6 on Barry M, you get one of the retro polishes free, so I got Retro Red.
glitters 2
Just LOOK how sparkly!!


  1. I think it's super annoying how you have to spend £6 to get the free one, but the nail paints are £ that brings you up 2p short, meaning you have to buy soemthing else. Not silly are they!

    I want to get my hands on that green glitter though.

    1. Yeah, it's sneaky! But I couldn't complain really, I was happy to buy 4 of them!

  2. Ooohhh... shinies! ^_^
    That teal glitter would probably pair well with your Milani "Racy Green".

    What's special about the Barry retro polishes?
    Are they bringing back their old colours? =)

    1. I suspect the only 'retro' thing really is the packaging. And the adverts, that are all 80s style. Barry M is apparently 30 this year! I got red, it looks like a shiny metallic. I'll put it next on my list for a blog post.

  3. I never had any Barry M polishes until last month but I think they are fast becoming my favourite brand. Their cremes are so creamy! I recently bought the gold foil from the luxe effects and its just lovely!

    I've been eyeing up some of their glitter polishes as well, the only thing that puts me off is how awkward glitters are to remove!

    1. I agree, their cremes are absolutely superb, such rich colour and so smooth, and last so well too. And bargain cheap!

      This glitter was pretty standard removal - quite gritty and annoying.

      I don't think Barry M glitters are as good as their cremes, the ones I've tried so far are a bit disappointing on the nail compared to the bottle (apart from Once Upon a Time, which is amazing!)

  4. The magenta looks very close to Models Own Magenta Divine (which I ADORE). And if I could find such a thing as a black jelly, I would jelly sandwich my very own Facets of Fuchsia with it to make it closer to how I wanted FoF to be. (or maybe jelly sandwich it with FoF anyway, hmmmmm)

    What other colours were in the Retro ones? I saw the display in the airport but didn't have chance to look. (I'm trying to replace an ancient Bourjois metallic blue that was the exact colour & effect of Christmas ribbons, but it seems impossible - Bleu Magnetique fwiw)

    1. Um um.. there's a shiny red one, a shiny pink one, I think a blue... possibly a purple? They're kind of shiny. Possibly like a Christmas ribbon now you mention it.


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