Sunday, 17 February 2013

Kinetics - Sweet Little Lies

This is the second of the Kinetics polishes that I was kindly sent to try by the lovely people at Sleek Lashes.  (You can read about my first one here, Purple Madness.) This is Sweet Little Lies, three coats.
kinetics sweet little lies 3
Sweet Little Lies is not at all the kind of colour I'd have chosen for myself, but I think it's really pretty! I don't often do subtle or understated, and I don't often like that frosty/pearl finish either. I tend to wear much brighter colours in the main. However, I think this is a really pretty way of wearing an almost-nude colour. It's safe for work whilst still being shimmery and a bit special. The pink is quite sheer - one coat was lovely, really subtle, and could easily be worn just at that. Three coats still isn't opaque, but it's opaque enough to cover up any uneven staining on the nails, and it really builds the shimmer to a rich sheen.
kinetics sweet little lies 1
Like Purple Madness, the formula is really good - even and smooth, and dries well. I love the brush on these polishes; it's nice and narrow, without being flimsy, which some narrow brushes can be. I like the cap too - it's not bulky like Models Own or Nails Inc caps, which can make them really awkward to hold.   
kinetics sweet little lies 2
In the UK, you can buy Kinetics from Margarita Belska - click here to see the range.  They're currently on sale on buy-2-get-1-free, and are only £3.35 each anyway!  Even better, Margarita Belska have given my readers a 5% discount on any orders - enter code SAVE5ATBL at checkout. As well as all the Kinetics polishes, they have a stack of lovely looking handcreams and nail treatments and so on, so it's worth a look at their site.

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This was provided for review purposes. See my Disclaimer page for more details.


  1. It looks really pretty Elanor. It's not the most exciting colour but I think everyone needs to have a pale shimmery hue in their collection. Sometimes I just crave a simple mani after all the bright craziness I usually wear! :-)

    1. I know what you mean! I actually have 200.. maybe 250? bottles but I don't have a single one like this! I have so many brights and neons and crazy glitters, it's beyond madness!

  2. That's a really pretty shade. I always have a subtle nude (or two) on the go for times when my nails have all broken & look rubbish. I have a week of sensible colours to let them grow back in a bit before I break out the crazy again. (It's also useful for those odd days where you have to pretend to be a grown-up, like interviews & that)

    1. I don't often do subtle! But three people at work commented on how pretty this looked, so maybe I should do subtle more often!


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