Friday, 1 February 2013

Layla Hologram Effect - Red Taboo

Layla is one of those brands which aren't usually available in the UK, so I was very excited to find some of the Hologram Effect range on Amazon UK, at very reasonable prices. I snapped up two - Purple Illusion (I'll post over the weekend) and this one, Red Taboo.
red taboo 3
This is two coats of Red Taboo, with no topcoat.
red taboo 4
Red Taboo isn't really red at all - I'd say it was more bright fuschia pink. However, it is really pretty! It's not quite as holographic as I was expecting, but it is really shiny and pretty in bright light.
red taboo 5
The first photos were all taken in bright-ish artificial light. These last two were taken with my phone's (very bright) flash. 
red taboo 2
As you can see, the flash really brings out the holo!
red taboo 1
Application was a little thin and runny (it pooled round my cuticles a bit) but was even and did dry quickly. I put this on last night, and then I've worn it all day at work, and it's still fine, although there is a tiny bit of tip wear.

I'm pretty impressed with this! It's not quite as amazingly holo as I was hoping from some swatches online, but it's not like anything I've seen before in the UK, but it's really pretty, wore well, and was a good price (I think £5 or £6 - not all the colours were the same price for some reason).


  1. That's very very similar to the Orly Miss-Conduct I mattified yesterday. Beautiful colour when it's shiny, matte it kind of ends up speckly like an egg (or a 90's kitchen worktop), with very occasional hints of something reddish deeper down.

    Gorgeous colour on you.

    1. Thanks! I'm just trying out the purple one now and it's ten times better than this one. Post coming up!

  2. It's gorgeous! I've been looking for a red holo too! I'm off to look at Amazon :-)

    1. If you're shopping, get Purple Illusion too - OH EM GEE!

    2. Will do! Can't wait to see your swatch of that one!

  3. Lovely colour! I have one of the Layla holos in mercury twilight which I love but it didn't wear at all well. Saw a boots 17 version the other day (for a 3rd of the price) so might have to check that one out - maybe they'll do other colours sometime too!

    1. Oooh I'll have to have a look at 17. I never think to look because I've not had good experiences with them in the past, but next time I'm in town I'll check them out.


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